2703, 2020

Blog: Tune Your Mind Like a Guru



The global village is a land of abundant opportunities. This is great. We have all options at our disposal. Whatever our dreams, the world is at our feet and we can all go out there and just do it because we’re worth it. It’s wonderful. The only drawback is, that the same can be said for everyone else. Effectively, there is a good chance that someone out Read More

2503, 2020

How To Manage Time Like A Guru


Time is the one thing we can never buy. It is there and then it is gone. Just thinking about it is almost stressful. We can, however, control what we do with time and if we do that like a guru, there will always be enough of it. Sounds good?


If we want to manage our time like a guru, or any wise person really, we Read More